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Sachin thinks of himself a ‘non-wedding’ wedding photographer, because he creates images which are the anti-thesis of traditional wedding photography. With more than two decades of photography experience, Arjun is a master with the camera. With his casual and friendly approach to working with brides and grooms, Arjun is able to integrate and truly become a part of the wedding family and create photographic stories from an insider perspective.

With years of rich experience, Sachin is widely acclaimed within the industry as one of the top wedding photographers in India. He started his career in advertising, and worked with a long line of talented photographers in all kinds of shoots that sparked his latent interest in photography.

professional photography

No formal education is required to be a photographer. However, photojournalists, scientific and industrial photographers may need a bachelor's degree in photography. Experience requirements vary by employer, though a solid portfolio and strong technical skills are essential.

An amateur photographer takes snapshots for pleasure to remember events, places or friends with no intention of selling the images to others.